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About URL Encoder / Decoder

Need to encode or decode special characters in a URL? Our free online URL Encoder / Decoder makes it fast and easy.

This tool instantly converts Unicode characters, spaces, unsafe ASCII characters and more so you can properly format URLs. Read on to understand what encoding and decoding is, why it matters, and how to use our encoder.

What Is URL Encoding and Decoding?

URL encoding transforms characters into a format web browsers and servers can transmit properly. It replaces unsafe ASCII characters and spaces with a "%" sign followed by two hexadecimal digits.

For example, an space becomes %20 after encoding. Encoding formats URLs consistently so browsers render them correctly.

Decoding reverses this process. It takes an encoded URL and converts it back into human readable format.

Online URL Encoder / Decoders make transforming Unicode characters and spaces for links seamless. Our tool enables both encoding and decoding with one click.

Why URL Encode or Decode Text?

Now that you know the basics, let's explore some common reasons for using an online URL encoder / decoder:

  • Transmitting URLs With Spaces or Special Characters: Since spaces and special characters break links, encoding them ensures browsers don't misinterpret the URL
  • Readability: Decoding obscured or encrypted looking URLs makes the underlying link easy to understand at a glance
  • Troubleshooting Links: If shared URLs with special characters aren't working properly, encoding them may help resolve issues
  • Security: Encoding makes URLs less susceptible to specific hacking attacks

Whether you want to format inquiry string parameters properly or just make an encoded URL human readable again, online URL encoder / decoders enable seamless transformations.

How our Free Tool Works

Our online URL Encoder / Decoder couldn't be easier to use.

To get started, follow these simple steps:

  1. Head to our tool's homepage
  2. Paste or type the URL you want to transform
  3. Click "Encode" or "Decode" depending on your needs
  4. Copy your formatted URL appearing below instantly

And that's it! With this straightforward process, you can encode or decode up to 10 URLs at once in just seconds.

No registration, login or downloads required. Our online URL Encoder / Decoder works right inside your web browser for convenience.

The tool handles all encoding and decoding automatically. There are no settings or advanced options to configure.

We'll explore examples of transforming different Unicode characters and spaces next.

Encoding Example and What Changes

Let's walk through a quick example encoding a URL with spaces and special characters to see the tool in action.

Imagine you want to share this blog post URL titled "SEO Tips & Tricks": Tips & Tricks

This URL won't work properly since spaces and the "&" symbol break links.

To fix it, head to our tool and paste the URL into the input field. Then click "Encode":

As you can see, the encoded URL transforms the space into "%20" and the "&" symbol into "%26" allowing it to transmit correctly.

Browsers and servers will interpret %20 and %26 properly but displaying the readable text to users.

This example shows why encoding matters for sharing URLs with special characters across the web.

Decoding Example for Readability

Encoding URLs makes them web friendly. But these URLs with "%20" and other codes intermixed look confusing to users.

That's where decoding comes in handy.

Let's say someone shared this encoded URL on social media or email:

At a glance, it's not clear where this cryptic link actually goes. We can fix that with decoding though.

Just paste the URL into our tool and click "Decode" to make it human readable again:

By reversing the encoding process, our Online URL Encoder / Decoder reveals the underlying URL directing to your site's encoder tool page.

Decoding provides readability and helps determine where obscured links actually go before clicking.

Advanced Encoding: Hexadecimal + Unicode

Beyond transforming spaces and special characters, advanced users can encode full Unicode including hexadecimal values.

Need to input Unicode beyond ASCII parameters? No problem. Our tool supports encoding these extended characters into URL friendly hexadecimal.

For example, encoding "café" results in "%E2%82%AC" representing the Unicode symbol. Our encoder seamlessly handles these advanced transformations so nothing gets lost in translation.

Whether you need to encode special characters, readable links or advanced Unicode, our Online URL Encoder / Decoder has you covered.

Why we Created this Tool

Here at A2Z SEO Tools, we build free resources to help digitals marketers and agencies succeed faster. Encoding and decoding URLs is crucial for link sharing and formatting.

Yet performing these tedious transformations manually wastes valuable time. Plus it's easy to accidentally break links failing to encode properly.

Our Online URL Encoder / Decoder solves these challenges to boost productivity. Now you can encode or decode multiple URLs simultaneously in just seconds without installing any software.

We handle all the intricate details so you can focus on high-value SEO tasks. Use our tool to save hours and ensure shared links always transmit correctly regardless of special characters or Unicode symbols used.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common encoding and decoding questions:

What gets encoded in URLs?

Our tool encodes spaces, Unicode characters outside standard ASCII parameters and reserved characters like "&" and ":" that break links.

Does URL encoding work on any special symbol?

Yes, our tool can handle encoding all Unicode characters and special symbols into URL friendly hexadecimal values.

Should I encode full URLs or just parameters?

Typically you would only encode the parameter section of URLs containing special characters. But our tool can encode full URLs if needed.

What's the difference between encoding and encrypting?

Encoding formats special characters consistently for web sharing. Encryption obscures URLs using secure algorithms primarily for privacy reasons - not for link transmission.


URL encoding and decoding ensures shared links transmit properly while remaining human readable. No more broken URLs or obscured looking gibberish links.

Transform Unicode symbols and spaces in seconds with our free Online URL Encoder / Decoder.

With this tool at your fingertips, you can encode parameters consistently, troubleshoot issues faster and decode cryptic links across all your projects. Significantly boost productivity and focus more time unlocking higher ROI SEO opportunities.

Stop wrestling with finicky URLs and let our encoding tool handle formatting automatically from here on out!