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About URL Encoder / Decoder

 Encoding is the whole process of translating non-printable typescripts of a URL into an easy-to-read format that helps developers understand the structure of a URL. There are two ways to encode, and then there are two ways to decode: It includes changing codes into simple text and putting them in a clear, uniform format that is easy to read and understand.

About URL Encoder/Decoder

URL encryption, also termed Percent-encoding, may be a strategy for encrypting info in a Uniform Resource symbol (URI) in certain situations. The characters permitted in a URI are either reserved or unreserved (or a PC character as a component of a percent-encoding) (or a PC character as a part of a percent-encoding). Reserved characters are those characters that usually have a particular meaning.

For example, forward slash characters are usually used to separate various components of a universal resource location (or, further generally, a URI) (or, typically, a URI). Unreserved characters have no such meanings. In percent-encoding, reserved characters are displayed with mistreatment of specific character sequences. Reserved and unreserved characters and the circumstances below make sure reserved characters have particular meanings, which means they have modified slightly with every revision of the specifications that govern URIs and URI schemes.

How do you use this tool?

It is very convenient to use this online free tool. After entering the URL in the space provided, click "Encode" or "Decode" and the results will be displayed.