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About Meta Tag Generator

The information your website displays in Google SERPs is an opportunity to let searchers know that the content of your page is relevant to their query and contain the information they are seeking.

You need to provide this information to search engines through meta tags. 

What are meta tags?

Meta tags are nothing more than snippets of text that describe a page’s content; the meta tags don’t appear on the page but are visible in the page’s source code. 

There are four types of Meta:

  • Meta keywords attribute – A series of keywords you consider relevant to the page in question.
  • Title Tag – This is the text that appears in the SERP and at the top of your browser. Search engines view this text as the “title” of your page.
  • Meta Description Attribute – This is a summary of the contents of your page for the benefit of users and search engines.
  • Meta Robots Attribute – An indication to search engine crawlers (robots or “bots”) as to how they should process the page.

What is a Meta Tag Generator Tool

Simply put, a Meta tag generator tool helps bloggers and website owners generate the meta tags for pages or posts on their websites. The meta tag generator helps preview how meta tags appear on the Google search results page. With the tool, you can create a meta description with 160 characters as recommended by Google. It contains advanced features to set up the title tag, add relevant keywords, and robot tags.

Why do you need to use this tool?

The internet is full of tools for meta tags, but this tool is unique because of all the features the other tools don’t provide. In addition to its user-friendly interface, you can use it for free to generate numbers of meta tags for an unlimited number of websites.

How to use this tool?

Here are the steps to follow to use this tool: 

  1. Give the title of your website.
  2. Give a brief introduction of your website.
  3. Enter the keywords or some related keywords of the page
  4. Select the language of your website
  5. Now click on generates meta tags button.
Advantages of this tool

This tool has several advantages:

  • It is easy to use
  • It is free
  • It provides recommendations about meta tag best practices.