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By now, everyone has received a phishing email that pretends to be from their bank. These emails are becoming more and more sophisticated. Sometimes it's hard to tell if an email is legitimate or not. For example:

You can receive an email from a bank stating suspicious activity is detected on your account. At first glance, the message may appear legitimate, but after a closer look, it was a phishing attempt by a hacker. The most dangerous part of this phishing scam is that these emails intend to trick you into revealing your personal information such as usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, etc.

What is an email privacy checker?

An email privacy checker is a tool that scans your email and tells you if it is secure. It can tell you if the email is encrypted, who can read it, and who sent it.

Why do we need an email privacy checker?

It's incredibly crucial to keep your emails private. Your employers, clients, and customers may not want their email addresses or personal information floating around the web. If you're using an online service for work (like Gmail), it's even more important to make sure that your emails are safe from hackers and other internet threats.

A privacy checker will show you how secure your current email account is so that you can decide whether or not it's worth switching providers.

Other reasons to use an email privacy checker?

Email is not a secure method of communication because anyone with access to your email account can read your emails.

Furthermore, bad actors may be able to use your email address to impersonate you and gain access to other accounts.

And if hackers can compromise your email account, they could potentially steal sensitive information or even impersonate you by sending out phishing messages from within your inbox.

How secure is the average email?

It’s important to understand that email is not secure. It’s not encrypted, meaning it doesn’t protect the content of your messages from prying eyes. It also isn't private, since anyone with access to your inbox can view any emails you've sent or received.

You might think that because you don't write anything too personal in your messages, it doesn't matter if they're easy to read by others—but this isn't necessarily true. Even if you aren't sharing sensitive details about yourself or others, attackers can use information gleaned from emails to steal money and identities if they have access to them.

Who cares what my emails say anyway?

Email is a medium for communication. It enables you to share information with others, whether over the internet. Email can also be a form of file sharing, which means you can send someone documents and photos through email. Since many types of files cannot be sent via text message, email is often the only way to share them between different parties.

Because we use email to exchange sensitive data, it is the primary target of hackers. Most hacks happen through our emails, and our data is stolen using email too. Your devices can get infected with malware via email, that's why it's so important for you to regularly check your inbox and personalize your settings to ensure your emails are as safe as possible!


Email privacy checker is predominant for everyone. It lets you know that your emails are safe and secure and there are no breaches in security. With all the hacking going on in today's world, we must take steps to protect ourselves from those who want to steal our information.