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About Mozrank Checker

MozRank is a metric introduced in late 2009 by, one of the largest SEO software companies in the world. MozRank calculation uses the MozTrust algorithm, which predicts the overall authority of a domain based on several factors like social shares, links, and organic traffic patterns. To know what is your website Mozrank, you can use our Mozrank checker tool.

The best way to improve your site's MozRank score is to get more high-quality backlinks to your website's homepage. If you're just starting with SEO, this should be one of your main priorities because it can help you rank higher in Google searches and increase traffic to your site and worth if you ever decide to sell it or merge into another company someday!

Mozrank is one of several factors used to determine how highly your webpage will rank on search results.

Three components make up your rank: Domain Authority, Page Authority, and External Linking Root Domains (EDDD).

About MozRank

MozRank score represents how likely your site will rank in Google search results. MozRank can help you understand which websites are most likely to be found by searchers and the likelihood that they'll be relevant to a user's query.

MozRank is calculated by comparing your website against all of the top 10,000 sites on the web, using machine learning algorithms to determine their relative authority.

What is an acceptable MozRank score?

The MozRank score ranges between 0 and 10. A score between 6 and 7 is considered a decent MozRank score.

Why? Because Google considers these to be healthy websites. They're well-established, have strong links, and actively produce new content. 

If your score is below 6 but still in the 4s or 5s range, that's fine too! Just keep working at it and try to get more links over time so your site will grow stronger over time.

How does the MozRank checker work?

MozRank is calculated by looking at a page's incoming links and their authority.

  • MozRank is not an exact science, but it's still an effective way to gauge the value of your website in Google’s eyes.
  • MozRank is calculated daily, so there are no historical records for previous rankings (you can see historical data on Open Site Explorer).

To use the Mozrank checker, you only need to enter your website's URL and hit the "Submit" button to complete the process. You will see a page showing your website's four search results, including its domain, MozRank, page authority score, and domain authority score.

How to improve your MozRank score?

The best way to get a good MozRank is to get more links to your site. The second best way is to get more links from high-quality sites. If you can do both of these things, your website will be in good shape. Here are some tips on how to accomplish those goals:

  • Get more links from high-quality sites similar to yours in terms of topic and link profile. It will help your MozRank score because it will increase the diversity of linking domains pointing toward your content, which is key for search engines looking at where the best content lies among thousands or even millions of pages online.
  • Get more links from sites that already link out frequently (and therefore might be willing to add one more). This will also increase diversity and improve rankings for all kinds of queries related specifically to yours!