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About My IP Address

An IP address (Internet Protocol) is a unique identifier for each device connected to the web. Each online device has an IP address assigned to it at the time of connection by an Internet Service Provider (ISP). An IP address consists of four numbers separated by dots. These four numbers identify the location of the device on the web. Find my IP address will help you find that number.

What is the importance of an IP address?

IP addresses are of extreme importance in the world of online business. When someone visits a website, their computer sends a request to find the information they need. The server then receives the request and responds with the requested data. The IP address is how the server knows where to send the data back. If a user were to visit a website using two different computers, both would have separate IP addresses. If someone visits the website twice, the server would know that the visitor had previously been there.

The IP address is also crucial for security purposes. A hacker could use a botnet (a network of infected devices) to try and guess the correct IP address. By doing this, the hacker could gain access to sensitive information stored on the server.

Other reasons to know your IP address

You might want to find your IP address for several reasons, but we have compiled a list of the few most common reasons:

  • Security - You want to be sure that your internet connection is secure. 
  • SEO strategies - Building backlinks using the same IP address decreases the value of those links.
  • Correct information: Conflict of exchange may arise if your computer sends out the wrong information, you’ll likely receive inappropriate content.
  • Location accuracy - Your IP address is similar to your physical or mailbox address. You wouldn’t want to live in the United States while all your incoming and outgoing activities are “said” to be emanating from France, correct?
  • Technical assistance - Sometimes, a trusted company may request to know your IP address to provide service support.
  • IP addresses are also pivotal to online gaming, remote desktop applications, and proxy detection.

These and many more are reasons for wanting to tell yourself Find my IP.

How do I find my IP address?

Find my IP is simply a robust tool for checking the IP address assigned to your computer at any time.

But the tool not only shows you the IP address but also shows the following information about your computer:

  • A map of where the IP address location
  • The City
  • The location
  • The country
  • The country code
  • Your Internet Service Provider, latitude, and longitude.

To access this information, you only need to open the tool.

Other information about IP addresses

Mainly you can explore two kinds of IP addresses: public and private.

Public IP address - A shared IP address is an IP address that is visible to other devices connected to the Internet. It is also referred to as the "external" IP address.

For example, when you visit our website without a VPN, we can see your public IP address and display it in our tool. When someone talks about an "IP address," it refers to a public IP address, not a private IP.

Private IP - Computers, phones, and tablets are assigned unique addresses within the local network. Since the router must identify all devices, it generates a private address for each device.

With private IP, devices can share within the regional network but cannot access the Internet. For this reason, a public IP address is a requirement.

IP address and URL

People don't usually think about the IP address of a website; they think about domains and URLs. After all, the IP address of a website changes, and sometimes a site has many IP addresses. But when a user types in a domain, the IP address of the website will be the one that will be able to find the website or service.

Behind the domain is an entire infrastructure that takes a URL and translates it into the IP address of a web server, and if something happens to the record that maps a website's URL to an IP, it's a complete mess. It's supreme to ensure that DNS provides the correct website IP address.

Final Verdict

Each PC must have a unique IP address given by its ISP to connect online; find my IP can let you see that address. Network provider grants you access to the Internet. Your Internet activity will go through them, and they will use your IP address and route it back to you.

As mentioned earlier, these are public IP addresses. They are universally unique and can be changed at any time. The IP address can change if you do something as simple as turning off or turning on a router or modem.