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About Keywords Suggestion Tool

Keywords are words people type into search engines to find information about your topic. These keywords help people find your content when they use Google or Bing. Keyword research can help you understand what terms potential customers might use to describe your product or service. When you use keywords in your content, you want to ensure they are relevant to your business - and that your target audience frequently uses them.

There are two types of keywords: broad match keywords (BMK) and phrase match keywords (PMK). 

Broad match keywords are single words. If someone searches for "keyboard," your site shows up in the results.

A phrase match keyword uses several keywords together. Someone searching for "best keyboard" would show up in your results.

What is a keyword suggestion tool?

The Keyword Suggestion Generator is a free SEO keyword tool that creates a list of related phrase suggestions and synonyms for your topic or keyword.

Keyword research helps businesses understand their target audience's interests, goals, and challenges. By identifying these keywords, marketers can create content that matches those topics. Keyword research also indicates whether or not people are using certain terms in searches. If enough people are looking for a specific keyword, you know it's a popular search query.

When you use our keyword suggestion tool, you will have access to a comprehensive list of keywords related to your main/ primary keyword. It will show you a list of related terms, questions about your keyword, and the opportunity to copy or export the list to a CSV file.

How does the keyword suggestion tool work?

With our free keyword generator, finding the next set of keywords for your SEO strategy, the content marketing calendar, or PPC campaigns is as simple as 1, 2, and 3.

You only need to enter a single term to get the "Primary keyword ideas" and "Secondary keyword suggestions" from this tool. The generated keyword list considers the popularity of search keywords people use when looking for topics connected to your keyword. Review the results to discover new keywords for your SEO or PPC campaigns.

For the best results, look at the search results for each keyword before adding it to your PPC campaign or using it as the foundation for your next blog article. Otherwise, you could waste time on a keyword that has nothing to do with your business or target demographic.

When writing your content, avoid using unnecessary keywords. Instead, focus on describing your topic in detail. Your goal is to attract people looking for answers to their questions. So, keep your content readable and useful.