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About Whois Checker

WHOIS checker is an information collection tool that allows you to access the WHOIS database, which is the public directory for information about registered domain names. All domain providers require the domain owner to provide contact information to the domain registrar based on ICANN rules. The contact information will appear in the WHOIS checker search results.

What is WHOIS?

WHOIS stands for World Wide Web Internet Domain Name System. It is a database system that provides information about domain names and their owners. You can use it to find out who owns a website address, who hosts the website on its servers, and even whether a website is registered under a different name.

The WHOIS checker tool is a free service provided by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) that we provide to you to let you search for and view details about any domain name registration.

When you register a domain name, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) requests that your domain name registrar sends personal contact information to the WHOIS database. Once your list appears in this online domain WHOIS directory, anyone who has chosen to use the WHOIS search tool to check the domain name can get that list to the public.

WHOIS search results include:

  • Domain owner contact information
  • Registrar information.
  • The registration date, the most recent update date, and the expected expiration date.
  • Name Server Information
  • Current status of domain name

How do I use the WHOIS Checker tool?

Our free WHOIS search has unique features to analyze domain information with quick results. We use particular algorithms to find out more about the websites that are generally available. You only need to enter the address of your website, and the tool will generate a full WHOIS search to display in front of you. Put your domain address, and tap Get WHOIS data. This tool works for you for free and is always available online. The ICANN WHOIS Checker tool is designed by professional developers energized to use the fastest results by examining DNS site information.

Users who want to get domain information one by one for a single domain about domain administrators, enrollees, expiration dates, and contact information don't have to waste a lot of time now. This tool saves valuable time in your online life and sends queries to get URL information. This WHOIS Checker Domain tool will complete the information discussed in seconds. And you will be pleased to check the result. 

This online domain checker tool will get you the details of any site you want. You can check your domain information in simple steps. You can also download reports that provide complete details of domain names, registry information, expiration dates, names, and administrator and registrar contact details.

Use Cases for a WHOIS checker 

Incident response and threat intelligence - For those responding to security incidents; the most apparent benefit of the WHOIS checker is identifying the netblocks and ISPs that own a particular IP address. From this information, incident responders can contact the netblock owner and alert the provider of the presence of malicious traffic.

One can use the Historical WHOIS records to search for details on WHOIS data that a responder may have across multiple investigations or targets. For example, you can search your WHOIS data to find e-mail addresses that span multiple domains and determine when the e-mail addresses first appear in your WHOIS records.

Using WHOIS to troubleshoot network problems

By accessing WHOIS data, network engineers may be able to examine the paths on the Internet and notice that specific networks are causing significant delays. Online WHOIS searches enable network engineers to identify the owner of a network in question and contact the engineer responsible for that network.

Finding other IP information 

Searching the WHOIS database for an IP address is practical to find out who has the IP address, if it already exists, and to provide other data. However, in some cases, you may need to find an IP address from your domain to search with the WHOIS search tool. To find an IP address from a domain name, use IP address reverse or DNS reverse to search for URLs from IP addresses.

Final Verdict

Our WHOIS checker service is created to provide convenience and peace of mind. In addition, the WHOIS database registration is private, ensuring that your information is protected and that a good customer service team guides you through a simple WHOIS configuration process. You can also use the WHOIS search service to verify the expiration date of a domain you are interested in and the owner's information if it is available. Choose as your trusted WHOIS provider.