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About Website Links Count Checker

What gets measured improves. Tracking website links shines an optimization spotlight for higher rankings.

Link counts quantify site visibility and authority for elevating search performance. This definitive guide explores using a links count checker to boost SEO through proactive link building.

Gear up to start counting links more strategically.

Why Website Link Metrics Matter

Links remain crucial for rankings despite Google updates theoretically minimizing dependence. Two reasons stand out:

  1. More links still often equal higher rankings

The number of unique sites linking to pages correlates with higher positions for target keywords. Several studies have mathematically confirmed the enduring impact of total links.

  1. Links validate relevance and authority

The context and credibility of sites linking to you impacts search visibility. Getting links from popular industry publications or .edu and .gov sites lifts authority.

Counting links identifies overlooked seeding opportunities. Tracking competitor successes reveals link building strategies to replicate too.

How Website Link Count Checkers Work

Wondering “How many links do I have to my site?” A2Z SEO Tools has the answer.

Our Website Links Count Checker reveals comprehensive inbound and outbound linking data instantly. Using it takes seconds:

1. Enter any URL

2. Click “Check Links”

3. See total links + breakouts

The tool scans page code to quantify different link types useful for optimization:

  • Total links – Combined internal and external links
  • Internal links – Connecting to other pages on your site
  • External links – Linking out to other websites
  • Dofollow links – Pass link equity to pages
  • Nofollow links – Block equity sharing

Compare link metrics over time or against competitors to guide strategic growth. Convert weaknesses into link building wins.

Why You Need an SEO Links Count Checker

Counting links delivers three main SEO benefits:

1. Quantify SEO Link Building Results

Link metrics spot rising or dropping link quantities to monitor campaign results. Growing total links signals effective outreach. Declines demand new strategies.

2 Peer Benchmark Competitor Link Profiles

Analyze sites ranking well for your keywords to reveal link acquisition tactics working today. Reverse engineer their profiles for successes to replicate.

3. Prioritize Future Link Building Opportunities

A low internal link proportion often indicates untapped optimization potential. More interlinking spreads authority and crawlability around sites for better indexing.

Links counts create an SEO accountability system. The metrics direct work toward demonstrably effective campaigns through trend analysis and competitor nudging.

Impacts of Dofollow vs. Nofollow Links

Not all links carry equal weight. Some links freely pass authority and equity while others intentionally block benefits.

Understanding dofollow vs nofollow differences matters for capitalizing on links secured:

Dofollow Links

Dofollow links pass SEO benefits like authority and ranking power to connected pages. Securing these links from respected sites lifts site reputation.

Blog comment links often default to dofollow, passing link juice. Turning such links nofollow protects sites from spam.

Nofollow Links

Nofollow links purposefully block passing SEO link equity or authority to receiving pages. Social media links fall into the nofollow category by default.

Nofollow links still drive referrals. But their SEO power transfer gets cut off, sending no page authority benefits.

Checking each link type's quantity focuses outreach on securing more dofollow links for amplifying results. Know differences to strategize properly.

Link Building Tactics to Elevate SEO

Using the Link Count Checker is step one for better optimization. Acting on its data moves the needle further.

Here are actionable link building tactics for capitalizing on checker insights:

1. Create More Clickworthy Internal Links

Interlinking web pages lifts crawl efficiency and spreads authority around sites. Yet most neglect internal links.

Optimizing interlinking structures should come first before chasing outside links. Start by identifying and fixing broken internal links dragging down equity flows.

2. Produce Irresistible Link Bait Assets

Getting others to link requires assets they actually want to reference. Analyze top-linked pages on competitors for irresistible qualities to replicate.

Infographics, annual industry reports, interactive tools and data visualizations tempt targets to link when offering true value.

3. Guest Post on Industry Publications

Respected industry sites linking out represents major trust signals. But getting placed requires pitching evergreen, expertly-crafted contributions worthy of acceptance.

Research sites coveted for authority to start relating your brand through guest posts linking back.

4. Cultivate Relationships With Link Holders

The best links come from sites you actively engage over the long-term, not one-off emails to strangers. Comment on blogs. Share content. Become a familiar name recognized for expertise.

Slowly cultivating genuine relationships built on value earns links naturally in conversations.

5. Fix Technical Errors Blocking Crawlers

Site crawl errors turn off Google and cripple referral traffic. Pages generating frequent 404 or 500 errors repel links too by harming credibility.

Clean up faulty site code and remove broken pages. Eliminate technical headaches degrading overall authority site-wide.

Recap: Link Tracking Fuels SEO Wins

Links remain vital for elevating search visibility. A2Z SEO Tools' Website Links Count Checker quantifies optimization opportunities for dominating the SERPs.

Remember these core lessons for link building excellence:

  • Monitor links counts to guide successful SEO campaigns
  • Secure more dofollow links from relevant sites to amplify page authority
  • Fix internal site linking structures before chasing outside links
  • Create irresistible assets incentivizing influencer links
  • Build genuine relationships and cultivate links naturally over time

Stop guessing at link building effectiveness. Start tracking link success today!