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About Website Links Count Checker

The name of the tool does not leave much to the imagination: a website links count checker does exactly what it says, it counts the links on your site.

Our unique link checker keeps track of a variety of links on your site, including:

  • Internal Links

  • External Links

  • Dofollow Links

  • Nofollow Links

You will obtain useful information from our website links count checker, such as:

  • Each link on the page has its own URL, and the link counter will provide a list of all link URLs found on the page you searched for.

  • Each URL's type of link: The link counter will also inform you of the type of link that each of those URLs is.

  • The text serves as an anchor. You'll also be able to view what anchor text each URL uses to link to it.

  • If the URL is anchored to a piece of text or an image, the tool will notify you.

  • The graph will also show you how each URL is performing, as well as whether it is a "do follow" or "no follow" link.

Why is it important to count the links?

The link counter can assist you in figuring out which sites are connecting to you and how many of them are passing link juice and which aren't.

This analysis can help you better understand your current search engine rankings and create marketing objectives for the future. If your site only has three external links, for example, you could set a goal to get two more high-quality external connections by the end of the quarter.

How to use this website links count checker?

The free SEO tool website, Links Count Checker, allows you to count the number of internal and external links with anchor texts. This tool may be beneficial for link exchanges, as you should avoid exchanging links with pages that have too many external links.