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Users of the internet do not have the patience to wait for a website to load. A small web page should be no more than 12 KB in size and load rapidly. The more media on a page, the larger and slower the site becomes. The page size is increased by embedding movies, photos, audio, graphics, and other media.

Knowing the size of your website is critical for its health and effectiveness. But how can you calculate the entire size of a website? 

Our online website page size checker, often known as a page size inspector, can be of help.

This fantastic tool is a page size checker that can tell you the size of any URL page. You can then make changes to your site as needed: for example, if your website takes longer to load than usual, you might try compressing it.

Does the size of the webpage matter?

Yes, the size of a web page is very critical for increasing and retaining the website's traffic. Every second matters when it comes to the loading time of a webpage. Smaller web pages are normally downloaded more quickly by anyone who requests them over the internet. The size of a webpage is determined by physical file sizes rather than the height or length of the page displayed on the screen.

How do I use this page size checker tool?

We always consider the user's convenience and maintain the tool simple to use. Just copy and paste the URLs of your web pages into the box provided and click the submit button. Within seconds, our tool will begin working on it and bring you the results.