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About Domain Age Checker

Specifically, Domain Age Checker is an online tool that can check the age of domains and websites. The age range is from the registration date to the date on which the machine calculates it. Because domain age is predominant for search engines, you must keep track of your website's age. Therefore, you can use this domain age checker on your competitors and yourself. You can use various tools to find out the exact age of your website, making your work more convenient. In most cases, you can get accurate and reliable results.

Many high-ranking companies rely on the help of domain age checkers to look for reference material for advertising. If there is an established domain, they tend to be more successful and viable. They will certainly 

What is the Domain Age?

The Domain Age of your business website is a crucial piece of data to keep an eye on. Over time, domain age is an indicator of the health and reliability of your site. 

A lower DA may indicate that you're running a newly registered site and still in the process of building up trust in the online community. High domain authority is a sign of authority, trustworthiness, and experience within the web world.

Generally speaking, a higher DA leads to higher rankings (in all areas) and less chance of having links removed (content or anchor).

DA can be helpful when comparing websites in competitive spaces, such as plumbers or insurance agents. You may want to go with a company whose website has the most traffic and has been around for a while. That could indicate that they have been in business long enough to fully mature and understand how to conduct business effectively.

Why should you use a domain age checker?

The following are some of the reasons why you should examine the age of a domain

  • Checking the domain age of a website you want to buy
  • Checking the age of competing domains

Checking the age of your competitors lets you know just how long their domain names have existed, which gives you an idea of how easy or hard to outrank them.

How to use the domain age checker?

Our domain age checker tool is a free online SEO tool that allows you to quickly and easily check the age of a domain. This tool simplifies domain research if you have an older website. You only have to paste the domain name into the box below and click the "Get Domain Age" button. 

The result of the check will include

  • Domain name
  • Domain age (In years and days)
  • Domain creation date
  • Last update
  • Domain expiration date

Is domain age important to SEO?

It's primordial to understand the importance of DA. The older a domain, the more historical and marketing value it may have. Domain age reflects how long the site has been around and how much trust that site has built with Google. The further back the registration period of a domain, the better DA it will have. A high DA can help sites rank better compared to a newer one with a lower DA.

Final Words

Google focuses on domain age to provide visitors with quality information. If your website has been on the Internet for a long time, Google will use your expertise and experience to determine if you publish quality work. Google won't consider your site a category of spam sites. Now you can easily check your domain age with the help of the Domain Age Checker. Our tool allows you to determine the age of your web domain. Old domains can save you from the hard work of getting traffic. Your job will be easy when trying to keep the old traffic and get new visitors.

However, you should not just depend on this one tool to make a decision. You should thoroughly investigate the domain name and use our other valuable tools to help during your SEO journey.