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About Alexa Rank Checker

Alexa rank is a comprehensive metric used to rank websites based on visits, visitors, and other engagement metrics. 

Knowing how to use the tool is essential for all internet marketing agencies, affiliate marketers, and publishers. 

Our free rank checker tool can assist in checking the popularity of your website in the Alexa top million lists. 

If your website receives enough traffic, you will get a report that provides Alexa rank, traffic, and popularity data, making it a valuable tool for competitive analysis.

The Alexa ranking is most accurate for websites with a rank of Alexa between 1 and 100,000. Amazon ended this service on May 21, 2022, but the tool still shows the performance of blogs and websites over the past three months.

What is an Alexa rank checker?

This tool will allow you to check how high your website's Alexa ranking is. You can use this information to determine if your site receives an acceptable amount of traffic compared to your SEO efforts. If you are having trouble getting indexed, you may want to try using different keyword phrases that provide traffic. The Alexa rank of websites report is from several sources and displays the ranking in ascending order. You can see the following: 

  • Number of visits to the Alexa site 
  • Total number of page views 
  • Count of Alexa sites connected to the Alexa site 

How does the Alexa rank work?

According to the official website which no longer exists, the rank was a combination of the estimated average daily unique visitors and the expected number of page views of a website over the previous three months.

This information is from users who use one of the available browser extensions for Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and other browsers. 

The Alexa ranking algorithm checks a website and determines how frequently people visit it. It counts a visit as a single one even if the same user accesses a website more than once on the same day.

Alexa toolbar is a browser extension that you can use to see the Alexa rating of any website. Alexa toolbar is available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer. You can download it from the Alexa website.

The toolbar will show the current rank of the website in question on the list of sites sorted by popularity. The toolbar also shows how many visitors and page views it has had in the last three months.

Alexa Rank checker tool features:

Now you fully understand why Alexa rank checkers need. First, it is a great tool to provide data you can use to analyze your competitors. It is easy to find the number of users who visit the website free every month. There is one click and all the necessary information about your website. But more than that?

Analysis of your website: It is nothing more important for website owners than how much users know they visit their site daily. You can monitor the Alexa web ranking of your website's progress, never losing popularity.

Analysis of competitors: It's an excellent opportunity to compare your website with your competitors. You can organize sites by:

  • Global, 
  • Country and
  • Category

You can also use a similar site search to find your rivals with the same parameters.

Traffic analysis: You can discover which country your website receives the most of its traffic and users. It is also an opportunity to check out competitors and acknowledge new traffic sources for your website.

When to check your ranking with Alexa?

The time to check out Alexa site rankings and PageRank is the time for verification and promotion. When you know your Alexa rating, it will be easier to present the amount to advertisers for posting ads in your domain and get more advertisers.

On the other hand, the Alexa website's ranking helps advertisers see the traffic listed by the domain owner. So you are not misled by ads on the platform that generate minimal returns.

The business must track competitor Alexa web rankings; they can plan and succeed in generating higher returns.

How to use Alexa rank to check a website’s Alexa ranking?

It is easy to check your ranking on Alexa. You only need to enter the URL of the website you wish to know in our online Alexa rank checker tool and submit it. It will show the results within a few seconds.

Final words

Our Alexa Rank Checker tool is very informative. If you need to analyze your site once you get the results, you can now move towards creating a strategy on steps to take to increase your website's Alexa rank and traffic. 

Internet Marketing agencies can also use our Alexa Page Rank Checker to create customized delivery reports for the ultimate client.